Chapel at St John's Mission
We are an apostolate of the ecumenical patriarchate "Mother Church of Christ's poor"
under the Omophorion of Metropolitan Gregory of Nyssa


A Time to Grow as a Praying Community

Two things are necessary at St John the Compassionate Mission. The first is the life of prayer. The other is the radical welcome of, and life with, “those who are poor and marginalized” (to use Metropolitan Gregory’s expression).

Without liturgy and prayer, the ascetical life among the poor can become idolatrous. Without the ascetical communal life lived among people who are suffering and peripheral, the liturgical life can risk becoming an idol (see Maximos the Confessor on this subject).

Since its foundation, the Mission has always lived these two things together. Daily. We understand that worship is not just on Sundays but every day of the week, and we try to live this not only individually but as the Church at 155 Broadview. This is something the poor have always reminded us throughout our history. Regardless of what we or others might think of ourselves, the word on the street has always been that we are “the Church”.


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