St. Silouan the Athonite Mission Parish


Good Friday 2012
by Fr Roberto Ubertino 

Today during this time of Holy Week, we are placed in a place of extreme tension between what has happened and what is coming through the presence of the Holy Spirit in the church. Today Christ grants us to live and experience in us His passion, the liturgical songs give voice to this intense dialogue of love between Christ and each of us… and our hearts face to face with His long suffering love break and become hearts of flesh. Hearts again are capable to breathe the Spirit, to receive the Spirit and to carry the Spirit.


Today we live Holy Week not as spectators to an historical event but rather we live each moment as our event, such is the deep union in the church between Christ and each of us. The sufferings of Christ elicit in us not a simple – I will try harder to be good – but a boldness that goes beyond the despair of never being good. It is the boldness of the good thief – the first man in Paradise – Remember me Lord… Today witnessing the long-suffering of Christ opens in us a deep longing to be joined to Him and become one with the one whom our soul loves. Today the church presents Him to us as the Bridegroom of the church and the cross is revealed as the place where all is consummated – the cross where God consummates His marriage with man. The bridegroom of the Church transfixed with nails draws us all to himself for humanity’s vocation is to be wedded to God.


The cross involves all the persons of the Holy Trinity, the cross is where God reveals himself as communion of love the cross is the place where we enter into this intimate maikos eros of the Father towards his Son this very love of God the Father that Christ gives to us as He breathes out the Holy Spirit.


We, as James and john asked are plunged, baptized in the baptism of the sufferings of Christ, but these sufferings are nothing else but the face of the Passion of Holy Love, the face of the Father who loves man to the point of not even sparing His own Son so that man can be blessed, happy again!


Remember We cannot live these events only for ourselves we must live them with Christ for the life and salvation of the world.


It is in living this way that our life finds its true and deep meaning.


But this love that is given to us on the cross also pushes us towards the One who is coming.


Pascha, is not about a past event—was it not great!!! – but rather through the cross the descent in to hell and the resurrection a dynamic movement embraces history and all that is created leading it towards the final encounter with the one who was revealed on the cross.


That is why we wait for the return of Christ every Pascha night. Everything in our life, can only be understood in the light of this reality – that all things exist move, tend, towards the return of the Lord… all history moves towards this encounter with the one who Today hangs on the cross.


The same God who is coming is present in the here and now of our concrete daily lives and purifies our hearts. Only in His Holy Passion of Love all our tears, sorrows and unanswered sighs will be answered. God is for us completely with no limit. God is with us. There is no aspect of our life, no question, no pain, no struggle that He does enter with us, no limit to how far God will go to, how much God is for us… he will follow us everywhere and be God with us even in our own hell.


The same with the church, the church is for the world and its saints set no limit to where it will go to search and call back Adam.


Adam where are you cries God in the Garden of Eden!

Adam where are you cries God from the cross!

Adam where are you cries Christ God in the garden tomb!

Adam where are you now echoes in each of our hearts tonight.


Take some time to listen to this voice that calls within each of our hearts let us be found by the one who goes to hell to find us, "The one whom our heart loves."

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