St. Silouan the Athonite Mission Parish


Ordination Speech - Priest 7/26/2015
by Fr Nicolaie Atitienei


Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit!

Christ is among us!

When His Grace Bishop Gregory asked me on Friday how many years I’ve been waiting for this moment, I was myself surprised to realize that the right time for came after 13 years. But actually the right time for me came after I’ve been witnessing at the mission, for a few years now, that there is a great need in people to bring what is broken in their life to Christ. And this need is growing among people because there is no place where they can find joy when their hearts are sinking in despondency, because there is no place where they can strengthen their faith when their life is poisoned with the skepticism of a cold hearted society.

In today’s world, many a time, our marriages are at risk, youth are disregarded, the sick are forgotten, the elders disrespected and the children neglected, and a great suffering is coming from here. Those who are oppressed are of no value for today’s world and the poor are totally abandoned.

So, the harvest is truly plentiful and I am now joining the laborers and try not to be too afraid by remembering that the Lord is moved with compassion when he sees that the multitude is scattered and weary like sheep with no pastor. The Holy Apostle Peter was grieved when Jesus asked him three times if he loved him. I think we would have been the same, because we know that our greatest longing is for God. But the love of God, who touches our hearts, has a measure. The measure of God’s love is given by the openness of our hearts towards those who are oppressed; this measure is given by the amount of care that we show to those who are forgotten, to those who are the poor of this world. This is the place where Christ is waiting for us to see that his love has no limits. And in this place I feel that I am called, with all my humility, to try to feed his lambs.

Now and always and to the ages of ages. Amen.

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