Chapel at St John's Mission
We are an apostolate of the ecumenical patriarchate "Mother Church of Christ's poor"
under the Omophorion of Metropolitan Gregory of Nyssa

External Links

St Silouan's Growing Network

+ Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
+ American Carpatho-Russian Diocese of USA
+ Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church
+ St. John the Compassionate Mission
+ Good Neighbours Mission
+ Holy Myrrhbearers Orthodox Mission
+ Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College
+ Lived Theology School
+ St. Mary of Egypt Refuge
+ Orthodoxes à Paris
+ Pages Orthodoxes La Transfiguration

Other Orthodox Links
+ The Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas
+ Camp Nazareth (our diocesan camp)
+ Institut de Théologie Orthodoxe Saint-Serge
+ Focus North America
+ Inside the Icon Course of Iconology

Vestments & Church Supplies
+ Vesna Vestments

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