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A great pastoral giant in the Orthodox Church once famously stated, “A church without youth is a church without a future, and youth without church are youth without a future.” We recognize that It is absolutely vital to the life of our parish, as well as for the life of our youth, and subsequently our community, that young people be given an opportunity to deepen their faith and foster quality friendships with their peers all under the auspices of the Church. So in 2010 St. Silouan the Athonite Youth Group was founded to address the needs of our youth. Our youth group leaders are caring adults with a wealth life of experience. All of whom are parents themselves, and have decades of worth of combined involvement in ministry with young people.

St. Silouan the Athonite Youth Group is also uniquely privileged because of its close relationship with St. John the Compassionate Mission. Our youth are able to practice their Orthodox faith hands on, volunteering their time to clean, chat, and pray with the members of our St. John's community.

For more details on our bi-weekly activities, you can check back to this page for regular updates, or feel free to check us out on our Facebook page!

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“I believe deeply that in children and young people a light is present. We must listen to the young. We must hear what they have to say. They are people in whom the light of God exists. They will never be able to trust themselves unless someone trusts them.” Jean Vanier


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