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How To Become Orthodox


You may be wondering how can I become Orthodox? There is no universal rule or "popular" program today in the Orthodox Church to catechise anyone seeking baptism or full communion in the church.


Every parish, every pastor has a particular approach. Some priests believe in the fast "track approach". After a couple of private meetings you could find yourself dunked and with a new name! Some see it as a pre-university course and demand lengthy class time and extensive readings.


At St Silouan we have a real appreciation for the effort and leap people, who cannot for the most part read or write, make when deciding to become Orthodox. Both the fast track and the pre-university course do not really work well. Over the last 30 years we have grown into understanding what catechesis may look for such people. But regardless of your education, or social background, the emphasis is on slowly exposing the person to the whole life in the Church.


It is not only the priest who is involved in the preparation of Baptism/Chrismation but others as well. For example: deacons and in fact the whole community. The decision for a person to become Orthodox touches both the individual as well the community.


One can learn as much about Orthodoxy in reading a book or participating in a service to help poor families - each has theological and pastoral applications. So you could say that we understand the Orthodox Faith as holistic, embracing all of one's life through - liturgy, study, community and service. The time of the catechumenate is a time to learn about and integrate into the Orthodox Faith in all of the essential dimensions of our faith. The duration can vary usually it is a minimum of one/two years but this is not a rule set in stone. Regardless of when a person is received into the Orthodox Church the period of catechesis at St Silouan's continues for one year after.


The catechumenate is the name of time of preparation for either Baptism or Chrismation. It is a blessed time where special attention is given to the person whom God as called.




If interested please speak with Fr Roberto.

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