St. Silouan the Athonite Mission Parish



Every Wednesday at 6:55pm "Bridges" a Discussion/Learning Forum given by a speaker followed by the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues etc. An opportunity to meet with ordinary Orthodox Christians who are trying to live their faith.

Bridges - Wednesdays 6pm

January 2019

9th Divine Liturgy @ 7pm

16, 23 , 30 Bridges @ 6pm






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“The Orthodox Church is often accused of neglecting the world for the sake of liturgical worship and spiritual life, turning primarily toward the Kingdom of God to come, disregarding challenges of the present. In fact, however, whatever the Church says, whatever the Church does, is done in the Name of God and for the sake of human dignity and the eternal destiny of the human being. It is impossible for the Church to close its eyes to evil, to be indifferent to the cry of the needy, oppressed and exploited. True Faith is a source of permanent struggle against the powers of inhumanity.”  Patriarch Bartholomew

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